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Dealing with Wear and Tear

For a while earlier this spring it looked like shoulder surgery would be the next in a long line of repair jobs. It’s no secret that I’ve had a lot of problems with my hands, arms and shoulders over the years. I had surgery on my left hand last August, and it was supposed to fix a chronic problem that was affecting my grip. READ MORE »


My Favorite Fishing Classrooms

To fish the Ozarks you have to learn to use your eyes and your imagination. It’s all about reading water and shoreline and visualizing what’s happening under the water, and how to fish clear water with finesse baits and lighter line when you need to. READ MORE »


Larry Nixon on the Mend

Nixon made a mental note to see his family doctor when he returned to Arkansas. Good thing; the sensation he felt in his arm was a warning signal that something bad was happening inside Nixon’s heart and it needed to be repaired sooner rather than later. READ MORE »


Nixon, Cifuentes Bridge Bass Fishing’s Generation Gap

Larry Nixon, Clark Wendlandt, Peter Thliveros, Jamie Horton and Darrel Robertson stood shoulder-to-shoulder in the weigh-in line with young sticks such as Bryan Thrift, Cory Johnston and John Cox. As they waited to weigh in, historic fishing news pulsed through the crowd: Legendary pro Rick Clunn had just won the Bassmaster Elite Series event on the St. Johns River at age 69. READ MORE »


Pro Tips Weekly: Larry Nixon

To be a successful fisherman, you’ve got to be casting a lot, using different types of fishing tackle and taking some pounding boat rides. Over time, you’re going to develop aches and pains from arthritis and other ailments that don’t go away. READ MORE »


Pro Tips Weekly: Larry Nixon

It’s always best to keep up with running times from one place to the next. By the end of the day, no matter where you wind up, you should be able to estimate how long it’s going to take to get back from where you are at quitting time. READ MORE »


Pro Tips Weekly: Larry Nixon

Water depth, the distance of the cast, rod action, type of lure and the size and type of the line and hook should be considered when it comes to setting a hook effectively. It’s not a case of one style fits all. READ MORE »


Pro Tips Weekly: Larry Nixon

Using small-diameter braided line with spinning tackle is becoming more popular. I like to fill a spool with 10-pound-test Spider Wire Ultracast Invisi-Braid and then use a short length of 10- or 12-pound-test Trilene 100% Flourocarbon for a leader. To me the very best connector knot you can use to tie monofilament or fluorocarbon to braided line is the blood knot. It makes a small knot, but even so, don’t make the leader so long that you have to wind the blood knot through the top guide. READ MORE »