UPCOMING EVENT: T-H Marine BFL - 2019 - Lake Okeechobee



Jumpsuits, Patches and Bell-bottoms

These days just about everybody puts something on every square inch of their shirts. There’s even a style of jersey with elastic armpits. It’s so you can cast easier, but there’s also a place there where you can put another sponsor’s logo that shows up when you hold up a fish or a trophy. Those guys back in the day were nowhere in the same league as far as showing off sponsors. READ MORE »


My First Ranger

A friend sent me an article about a man in Paducah, Ky., who had one of the original Ranger boats built in 1968. As the story went, all the man really was wanting to do was buy a truck. He wound up getting the truck and the old Ranger from the guy who owned them both. READ MORE »


Fishing League Worldwide to give away Quaker State® Designed, Jimmy Houston-Inspired 50th Anniversary Truck

MINNEAPOLIS (May 25, 2016) – FLW, announced today that they have partnered with premier sponsor Quaker State® to give away a Jimmy Houston-inspired Quaker State Truck customized by Tommy Pike Customs. The truck winner will be selected on Oct. 31, 2016 and the sweepstakes is open to all FLW fans who are 21 years of age or older that sign up before the drawing date.... READ MORE »


Still Fishing After 50 Years

The year that Jimmy Houston first fished a bass tournament of any consequence, he was a senior at Northeastern State University in Oklahoma and contemplating going to law school after graduation. In the larger world outside, U.S. President Lyndon Johnson was contemplating sending more American troops to a distant spot on the map called Vietnam to help resolve a conflict there. Teenage girls were contemplating whether to purchase the new fashion sensation called a “mini-skirt” and what their parents might say about it, and millions of young married couples were contemplating whether they could afford the median sales price of $21,700 to buy a new house. READ MORE »


Houston Rebuilding Lake After Dam Failure

One of pro bass fishing’s true legends has vowed to rebuild it. In the process, he plans to resurrect what might have been one of the best private trophy bass fisheries the state of Oklahoma has ever seen. READ MORE »


Pro Tips Weekly: Jimmy Houston

Casting and fighting a fish aside, where you hold the tip of your fishing rod can make a big difference in whether you get bit and how well you set the hook. For instance, now that the water is getting cold and bass are getting the slows, it’s time to break out suspending jerkbaits. READ MORE »


Pro Tips Weekly: Jimmy Houston

You hear a lot about picking just the right gear ratio for fishing crankbaits, but to me it’s not a big issue. I favor a reel with a gear ratio that’s pretty much in the middle, about 6:1. I can use it for just about anything – top to bottom. READ MORE »


Pro Tips Weekly: Jimmy Houston

When you go to a lake you’ve never been to before, and don’t know anything about it, chances are you’re going to be baffled at first as far as knowing where to start. READ MORE »


Pro Tips Weekly: Jimmy Houston

A lot of fishermen make the mistake of applying a good technique or pattern that works on their home lake to every lake. It’s a waste of time in most cases. READ MORE »


Pro Tips Weekly: Jimmy Houston

One of the best ways to spend your spare time in the bass-fishing offseason is to learn how to pitch a lure or cast underhand or sidearm underhand. READ MORE »


Pro Tips Weekly: Jimmy Houston

I swear we’ve had the hottest summer in Oklahoma that I can remember. It got to 111 the other day where I live. If you’re going to fish in that kind of weather, better fish early and late and stay indoors the rest of the time. READ MORE »