Rich gets richer

With David Dudley winning a deep-cranking tournament, there’s little this guy cannot do in bass fishing. READ MORE »

Off the ledge: Big fantasy showdown at Loudoun-Tellico

Probably the biggest angle heading into Saturday’s fishing is that the lake has opened up for the top 10 finalists. With 190 of the 200 boats now out of the way, those coveted big-bass deep ledge areas should be a lot more accessible for the last 10 standing from the opening round. Barring an onslaught of recreational fishing traffic, you probably won’t hear many more stories this weekend about guys having to sit and protect spots all day long like David Dudley did yesterday. READ MORE »

Time for topwaters?

Note from Knoxville this morning: It’s cloudy out today, which is a change from the mostly sunny and warm conditions the anglers have seen on Fort Loudoun-Tellico over the last few days. READ MORE »

Deadline time: Go local or go home

OK, the clock is winding down on your Fort Loudoun-Tellico picks and I really don’t have much news from the scene except to reiterate that this one could be a tough fantasy roster to fill simply because everybody’s saying the fishing’s so tough. READ MORE »

Tough fishing, tough picking

OK, fantasy players, the official word from Fort-Loudoun and Tellico lakes is that the fishing is “tough.” The quotation marks are necessary here because that’s what most of the anglers are saying in practice, but most who follow this sport know that most of what anglers say practice can be taken with a grain of salt. READ MORE »

Lessons learned from Pickwick?

The Stren Series wrapped up its Southeast Division tournament at Pickwick Lake last weekend, and there could definitely be something of value to take out of that contest. READ MORE »

Beaver picks a topsy-turvy affair

This one was a roller-coaster ride, fantasy-wise, all the way through. First Mark Pack leads, then he slows down, then he leads again. In fact, the lead changed each day of the Wal-Mart Open, causing fantasy players a certain amount of heartburn. READ MORE »

Pack leaders

Congrats to all the Mark Pack fans out there. That was a savvy pick if you had him on your roster for Beaver Lake. Undoubtedly, it led to a big payoff, too, for those of you who picked him. More analysis on this and more from the top teams later in the week. READ MORE »

Fewer exactas likely at Beaver

The way things shook out Friday and Saturday, it’s going to be some rough going for most fantasy players, I imagine. Not a lot of historically big Beaver Lake sticks have held on through the cut, so hitting on those top-10 bonus and exactas could be more difficult at this one. READ MORE »

Shin: Ouch!

Shinichi Fukae missed a limit today, catching just four fish for 4-6. That’s news at Beaver Lake, and it’s all bad for fantasy players. READ MORE »

Brown Beaver bonanza

Usually, FLW pros are packing lots of light line and shaky heads when they gear up for the clear water of Beaver Lake. But this year with the water high and muddy, heavy action presentations seem to be making some noise in a big way. READ MORE »

Play it, Sam

Sam Newby’s 4-13 big bass is a pretty impressive fish this early in the game at Beaver. That would normally take big bass for the whole week here. Maybe the high water will be a boon for everybody. We’ll see. READ MORE »

Four for the score

Only one of the top 10 fantasy teams at Lake Norman contained the tournament champion, Sean Hoernke, but it didn’t matter. It still took four picks in the top 10 to contend for the win. READ MORE »

Down to the wire

It doesn’t get much tighter than this. For fantasy players, Lake Norman was predicted to be one of the hardest events this season to handicap, and that’s exactly how it’s turned out. When a mere 8 pounds separates first place from 100th, that puts a lot of anglers in contention. And when just 10 of those anglers advance to fish the final round, that kicks a most of those anglers out of contention. READ MORE »

In the zone: Scott Canterbury

Who is Scott Canterbury? He’s a Wal-Mart Bass Fishing League standout from the Dixie Division (Alabama) who won that circuit’s points title in 2006. He stormed onto the FLW Tour scene his rookie season this year by claiming a second-place finish at Smith Lake last month – just his second pro-level tournament. READ MORE »

CP, are you with me?

Quick early note: A lot of indicators pointed toward Craig Powers as a strong pick for Lake Norman. Smaller, postspawn bass, topwater bite: That’s right in CP’s wheelhouse. Guys were talking about Powers in practice. They weren’t lying. It pays to listen to the dock talk sometimes. READ MORE »

Last-minute Norman picks tip: Go with your gut

I’ve got to admit I’m a little befuddled by this one. I’ve been covering bass tournaments for a long time, but the ones I find hardest to predict are the smaller- to low-weight tournaments. When anglers start saying that 10, 11, or 12 pounds a day will be enough to make the cut, that’s when it becomes hardest to pick favorites, I think. Lake Norman is shaping up to be that kind of tournament. READ MORE »

That’s why he’s the General

Quick story. Remember how I talked about anglers missing practice because they had a long drive from that PAA tournament in Texas yesterday? And how Larry Nixon was one of them? READ MORE »

Where is everybody?

Poking around Blythe Landing the last couple days, the ranks are a little thin early in the FLW practice period at Lake Norman. I saw, maybe, 20 rigs in the parking lot this morning – the same as yesterday – which isn’t very many considering there will be some 400 pros and co-anglers competing this week. READ MORE »

Stormin’ Norman

Sorry, FLW Fantasy Fishing players, but it was just too wet to break out the camera and get any footage of value today. Hopefully, the weather will lighten up a bit tomorrow, and we’ll work doubly hard on the video front to get you some visuals. READ MORE »