Bass Class: Watch the ego game

It has been said that fishermen have big egos. Well, we do. There is no shame in that. In fact, all people have egos. But sometimes these egos get in the way of proper ethics and good sportsmanship. Most times, the ego problems are simple feelings of prid READ MORE »

Bass Class: Turning holiday trash into fishing treasures

Believe it or not, trash generated from the holidays can go a long way toward making your next fishing season a fun one for both you and your little fishing partner. Over the next few weeks, revelers will generate tons of trash that most of us will simply READ MORE »

Bass Class: How to juggle busy fall schedules

<I>Finding time to go fishing can be difficult, but reward can be great</I><br><br>For many parents, September is a wonderful time of year. Why? For starters, school is now in session. The youngsters are now out of the house and in the classroom. Mom and READ MORE »

Strategy will be key on Lake Champlain

<I>Anglers will have plenty of tactical choices to ponder during 2001 Wal-Mart FLW Championship</I><br><br>Later this month, FLW anglers will visit one of the nation's best bass fisheries at Lake Champlain on the Vermont/New York border. This lake offers over 110 miles of lush weed beds, rocky shoals, river deltas, and steep ledges as well as a host of other diverse holding structures and bass cover. READ MORE »

Bass Class: That first boat ride

Few things in the fishing world are as exciting as taking that first ride in a Ranger bass boat. READ MORE »

Go North

Go North

<I>Everything you've always wanted to know about fishing Northern bass waters but were afraid to ask</I> <br><br>The EverStart Series headed northward this month. This northern migration could worry some of the southern-born tournament participants. Cross READ MORE »

Bass Class: Teaching kids how to tie knots

Every one of us knows that the most important link between the boat and the fish is the knot connecting the lure to the line. If you tied the knot correctly, you land the fish. A poorly tied knot is almost a guarantee for a lost fish. READ MORE »

Bass Class: Teaching casting

Put a fishing rod in the hands of any kid and watch what happens. They all immediately want to cast the lure out 500 feet. They usually grab the rod tightly, lean way back and OOOMMMPPPHHH. In response to the WWF-style cast, the lure goes chaotically away READ MORE »

Dress rehearsal

Dress rehearsal

Much of what it takes to win a tournament happens during practice. READ MORE »

Bass Class: Choosing the right stuff

Bass Class: Choosing the right stuff

Bringing fishing to the next generation READ MORE »

Hung up

Anglers find unique ways to get lures unstuck. READ MORE »

Facelift for fishing

<I>Competitive fishing's popularity is at an all time high thanks to changes brought on by the Wal-Mart FLW Tour</I><br><br>Organized bass tournament fishing became popular in the early 1960s when Ray Scott put together a unique concept – blending recreational fishing with a high level of competition. READ MORE »

Bass Class: Timing your youngster

Bass Class: Timing your youngster

Bringing fishing to the next generation READ MORE »

Flipping spiders

Authentically crafted and loaded with action, spider jigs have bass and anglers looking for heavy cover. READ MORE »

FLW's fab four

What it's like to win $200,000 in one tournament. READ MORE »

Ten steps to becoming a better tournament angler

Follow this sage advice from the pros and better tournament results are just around the corner. READ MORE »

Bass Class: Getting started

Bass Class: Getting started

Bringing fishing to the next generation READ MORE »

Shell shocked

The zebra mussel has found a home in American waters…but it's not all bad. READ MORE »

Making the cut

Four of the world's best anglers tell how to make the cut in a Wal-Mart FLW Tour event. READ MORE »

LIVE AND LET LIVE: Catch & Release

Proper care of tournament-caught bass begins with the person who caught it. READ MORE »