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The Most Dangerous Thing in Fishing 

This is a blog written as a reminder to me, about how I had given myself no chance to do well in the Lake St. Clair FLW Tour event. I make no bones about it: I do not like St. Clair at all. It is the only lake I fear. I said exactly that when the schedule was announced. St. Clair is probably one of the top five lakes right now, but strangely enough, I fear it. How could that be? It all started with a bad attitude that kicked off a chain reaction that led to one of the most common mistakes anglers make – a mistake I often have to coach anglers out of in my coaching trips. READ MORE »


Polaris pro David Dudley featured on latest episode of WeFishASA Podcast

The all-time FLW leading money winner, Polaris pro David Dudley of Lynchburg, Virginia, recently joined the hosts of the WeFishASA podcast for an in-depth interview. During the podcast the Dudley displayed... READ MORE »


A few hours on Champlain with Dudley

David Dudley has seen success nearly everywhere, but one of his sweet spots is Lake Champlain. The big northern lake fishes well shallow nearly all the time, and that’s how he likes it. This year, the Walmart FLW Tour is finishing the regular season on Champlain and David Dudley is in an unusual position – on the bubble for the Forrest Wood Cup. As such, we hopped in the boat with him on the second day of practice for a look at how he was getting ready for the tournament. READ MORE »


Dudley Links Up with Livingston Lures

Livingston Lures has added three-time Walmart FLW Tour Angler of the Year David Dudley to its pro-staff. The Virginia pro joins two-time FLW AOY Andy Morgan and former FLW Rookie of the Year Stetson Blaylock on the Team Livingston roster. READ MORE »


Championship Mindset

“I’ve often wondered what makes me say ‘OK, this is important’ and allows me to raise myself to the next level,” says Dudley. “Scott Martin said something in his Angler of the Year speech at the [2015] Forrest Wood Cup that made me think. He said he started fishing this year with a purpose. I think I just have a greater purpose when I fish the Cup.” READ MORE »


Easy2Hook’s New Flipping Hook

This no-knot technology has already converted many professional anglers from traditional, closed-eye circle hooks that you tie your line to. It eliminates the weakness inherent traditional knots, and gives anglers 100 percent true line strength. READ MORE »


2015 Walmart Pro Team Announced

Walmart has announced the members of its professional angling team that will hit the water in 2015. READ MORE »


Treat yourself like an athlete

<b>Treat yourself like an athlete</b> <br> As fishermen we are considered athletes. No less than ESPN has recognized this through its ESPY awards. There is no doubt that as we spend hours fishing, we undergo a lot of physical exertion throughout the upper part of our bodies. Truth be known, however, if a majority of fishermen was required to run a seven-minute mile I don’t think many of us could do it. READ MORE »


Eliminate Negativity

Whether it involves fishing or anything else in life, you’ll be better off if you can eliminate negative thoughts. Life is a lot like a battery: For every negative there needs to be a positive in order to complete the circuit. I choose to take the negative and complete the cycle by looking for the positives! READ MORE »


Pro Tips Weekly: David Dudley

<b>Cast and Move With a Shaky Head</b> <br>What I do differently now, though, is make more casts and drag the shaky head a lot less. I’m covering a lot more water and looking for those fish that aren’t real aggressive, but might go for a shaky head if it drops in right by them. READ MORE »


Dudley Debates: Finding your fuel

I was recently in a conversation with a friend of mine about people who seem to have a knack for making things happen. As I was listening, he made a statement that made me stop him dead in the middle of a sentence and go back to repeat. “It’s all about finding your fuel,” he said. READ MORE »


Dudley debates: Are fishermen mathematicians in disguise?

When it comes to fishing, whether you realize it or not, you are working out math problems and different angles all day long with everything you do. And to be sure, those calculations could mean the difference between winning a tournament, an Angler-of-the-Year title or finishing in the back of the pack. READ MORE »


Pro Tips Weekly: David Dudley

This time of the year when you head out for a day of fishing, don’t be close-minded; be ready to try anything. In fact, it’s a good time to practice all the different techniques you’ve wanted to try and to learn READ MORE »


Pro Tips Weekly: David Dudley

In the summer, there’s nothing that bass love to eat better than gizzard shad, which is probably why larger-profile crankbaits work so well on ledges during that time of year. The problem with most of the big crankbaits is that they’re deep divers, which means they dig too much when you’re fishing a ledge or hump in, say, 10 feet of water. READ MORE »


Dudley on the A-rig: What is the true fire behind the fury?

OK guys, it’s time to man up and talk about the real fire behind the fury. Why are some “pros” so dead set on banning Alabama Rigs from tournaments? The answer is simple. They are scared. They are scared that somebody else is going to cash the fat checks they’ve grown accustomed to. And I understand. I’m scared, too. But I’m a pro. I learn new techniques all the time, and I continually work on the old ones to make them more effective. It’s what we do as pros. READ MORE »


Pro Tips Weekly: David Dudley

It’s easy to lose your concentration when you do anything repetitively, and that’s especially true of bass fishing. Cast after cast without a bite, and pretty soon you’re just going through the motions. But you can’t let that happen if you expect to do well. When you get sloppy, you’ll miss a bite or present a lure badly. Don’t let yourself get sloppy. Always maintain focus because the next cast might be the one you’ve been waiting for. READ MORE »


Bow to bow

JASPER, Ala. – For nearly an hour and half this morning, Wal-Mart FLW Series anglers waited on pins and needles for a thick blanket of fog to lift from Lewis Smith Lake so they could go fishing. READ MORE »