UPCOMING EVENT: T-H Marine BFL - 2019 - Lake Okeechobee



Meet the Latimers

I know everyone isn’t in the same situation, but personally, I wouldn’t want to try to be a pro angler and not have kids or a family. I got married in 2008, and I fished the EverStart FLW Series the first year I got married. READ MORE »


Starting Strong at Guntersville

Our first Tour stop is at the world-famous Lake Guntersville. There’s not a single tournament fisherman in the land that isn’t familiar with this fishery and its reputation for big bass, and for living up to the hype. READ MORE »


Getting to Know Brian Latimer

Climbing the ranks in the bass fishing world can be like climbing a steep and unstable ladder. Sometimes you can see the top, but a wrong step here and there can knock you off balance. READ MORE »


Recharging During the Off-Season

Since the last Walmart FLW Tour stop in June, I’ve spent some much needed time on the water. I know that probably sounds awkward considering that I just completed my first season as a professional angler on Tour. And it’s true that I probably spent more time on the water during the six months on Tour than I have any other year in my entire life. READ MORE »


Reunited, and it Feels so Good

This year I really had a reunion with finesse fishing. Most of my better tournaments came from fishing some type of finesse presentation. Finesse tactics seemed to always give me a certain confidence about the day. While finesse tactics are nothing new to the game of bass fishing, this year I regained the confidence and joy of catching bass on smaller offerings. READ MORE »


Becoming Aware of Your Angler Strengths

The ongoing sentiment among fishermen is that versatility is the key to becoming a successful professional angler. While I’m certain that statement holds some weight, I think there is an alternate perspective that is worth entertaining. READ MORE »


Photoperiods and Fishing

My family business is landscaping. In a college horticultural class, I learned something that I had observed firsthand: for various reasons, warmer temperatures prompt the annual growing cycle of some shrubs and trees, while the lengthening photoperiod is the main stimulus for other plants. READ MORE »