3 Killer Places to Find Fall Bass

3 Killer Places to Find Fall Bass

All summer you’ve been hammering the bass out deep in brush piles and structure. But be prepared, because it sometimes seems that the fish will disappear literally overnight toward the end of summer and beginning of fall. If that happens to you, check out these three dynamite places to find bass after the fall transition in your favorite reservoir.


Last flats

This is probably the most commonly keyed-on area during the fall, but for good reason. The “last flat” is simply the flat, shallow area in the very back of a creek. As the baitfish move to the backs of the creeks, the bass won’t be far behind. You can undoubtedly catch a few schooling bass by fan-casting the flat, but there is definitely a better way. Look for any type of wood or hard structure lying on the flat. Something as small as one stick in a few feet of water can be enough to hold a bass. If you’re lucky enough to fish somewhere with a good crappie population, the lake will probably have crappie stake beds. Those can be awesome, too. Heck, I’ve even caught fish off old T-posts before.


Flat-side boat docks

Some bodies of water don’t lend themselves to fishing the flats in the backs of pockets. Some lakes seem like one large river all the way through, with a shallow and deep side along the main channels. In these areas, we still want to target structure on flats, but have to change it up a bit. If you look at the map from Navionics, you will see some shallow, flat pockets with boat docks on the left side. All of those boat docks can be money once the bass go shallow on the main lake.