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FLW Twitter chat transcript with Casey Martin

FLW Twitter chat transcript with Casey Martin
Casey Martin displays his winning fish.

The following is the transcript of the live Twitter Chat with FLW Tour pro Casey Martin that took place on Sept. 26:

  1. @CaMartfishing How do you break down which baits and banks to fish at places you"ve never been before? #FLWChat #FLWFishing

  2. @gr20ray2020 I do a lot of map study and look at google earth but realistically its a lot of trial and error #flwchat

  3. @AlPaschkowiak @CaMartfishing #FLWChat I understand you were born in Canada. Have you ever returned north to fish bass?What"s your fav lake?

  4. @FLWFishing @AlPaschkowiak I go back every summer to fish, my favorite lake is called Toad Lake in Pt. Loring Ontario #flwchat

  5. What were your thoughts about the mega-school on Chick? #FLWChat

  6. @niceicetuck it was one of the biggest schools of fish I have seen outside of Kentucky lake and best part was they were big! #flwchat

  7. .@CaMartfishing Which FLW Tour stop are you most looking forward to in 2014? Why? #FLWChat

  8. @JoeOpager Looking forward to them all except maybe Hartwell that one usually has my number #flwchat

  9. @CaMartfishing What"s your favorite fall bait? #FLWChat

  10. @gr20ray2020 I really like to throw a topwater like a Boing G2 around schooling fish over top of grass #flwchat

  11. .@CaMartfishing @FLWFishing @AlPaschkowiak is it called toad Lake because of the big fish or the warty critters? #flwchat

  12. @vtbasser @FLWFishing @AlPaschkowiak Not sure, not a whole lot of big fish but great scenery and get to spend to time with family #flwchat

  13. @CaMartfishing @FLWFishing what"s the biggest difference between bass fishing in the north versus the southern states? #flwchat

  14. @AlPaschkowiak @FLWFishing the amount of pressure, its crazy how many lures these southern bass see in a year #flwchat

  15. .@CaMartfishing #flwchat are you any good at carving pumpkins?

  16. @vtbasser I love carving pumpkins stayed tuned, pics will be posted on twitter later #flwchat

  17. Speaking of Hartwell, Ricky Brown wants to know what is your fav bait that you will be using on Lake Hartwell in Mar when you visit #FLWChat

  18. @FLWFishing probably a shad rap or a drop shot, definitely not the A Rig lol.... #flwchat

  19. @CaMartfishing @FLWFishing #flwchat at what point in your career did you receive your first sponsor not pro-staff position?

  20. @bwimberly @FLWFishing I was able to get a good jig sponsor early in my career but they are tough to come by #flwchat

  21. @CaMartfishing Will you take me fishing?? #FLWChat

  22. @CarnesFishing let me know when you are in town and maybe we can get together #flwchat

  23. @CaMartfishing @FLWFishing #flwchat what are your views on the banning of the A-rig on the tour?

  24. @bwimberly @FLWFishing I don"t mind it, its one less thing to have to worry about throwing and its whats most anglers wanted #flwchat

  25. @CaMartfishing @FLWFishing have you fished in any of the other big bass meccas around the world? I.e Japan, Cuba? #flwchat @phaedrus_dh

  26. @AlPaschkowiak @FLWFishing @phaedrus_dh I haven"t its definitely on the bucket list #flwchat

  27. @CaMartfishing @FLWFishing @phaedrus_dh would you call it your "Bucketmouth" list? lol #flwchat

  28. @AlPaschkowiak @FLWFishing @phaedrus_dh yeah good call Albert, I definitely wanna add El Salto Mexico to the "bucketmouth list" #flwchat

  29. @CaMartfishing @FLWFishing #flwchat what advice can you give to a back deck angler that can set them apart from the rest of the field?

  30. @bwimberly @FLWFishing just go into the events with the attitude to have fun and learn as much as you can #flwchat

  31. @CaMartfishing @FLWFishing #flwchat as a former co-angler what advice can you give to boaters that would make a co-anglers life easier?

  32. @bwimberly @FLWFishing throws only baits that you have confidence in, its not the time to be experiment during the tournament #flwchat

  33. Can I borrow your boat since my batteries are dead pretty please........ #FLWchat

  34. @CrizzelCraig I don"t know if you can handle the speed, just ask my co angler from Eufaula.. #flwchat

  35. @CaMartfishing I"m fishing as a co angler this year. What are the 4 most versatile lures I could take with me? #FLWChat

  36. @CarnesFishing A jig, a crankbait, a shakeyhead and spinnerbait will cover 75% of the water column #flwchat

  37. Danny Frazier wants to know What is your favorite bait for Chickamauga in the fall? #FLWChat

  38. @FLWFishing Danny I would say its hard to beat a crankbait or topwater on Chick #flwchat

  39. .@CaMartfishing You"re stuck on a deserted island with one other FLW Tour pro... who you picking? #FLWChat

  40. @JoeOpager it would be me and @davelefebre with the A rig, with that miracle bait we"d have all the fish we could eat... #flwchat

  41. Jackson Dooling asked What is your all time favorite lure for big bass?! #FLWChat

  42. @FLWFishing It has to be the Picasso Bait Ball extreme but it takes a toll throwing it, second would be a 10XD #flwchat

  43. @CaMartfishing What was it like sharing the same area as Mark Rose, and what was Rose"s reactions after the Chic tourney? #FLWChat

  44. @_stacyweaver @Roseoutdoors was a class act, him @JTkenneyfishing and I were having a blast catching those fish out there on day 1 #flwchat

  45. @CaMartfishing I watch the circuit breakers, and I know Drew Sanford from the beaver tourney, he helped our school start a club #FLWChat

  46. @gr20ray2020 Drew was a great co angler, he will definitely be in the sport for a long time #flwchat

  47. #FLWChat for a couple of packages of @Zmanfishing FattyZ, tell me what @CaMartfishing favorite chatterbait color is

  48. @FLWFishing green pumpkin @CaMartfishing is fav color #FLWChat

  49. @Johnsonfishing @FLWFishing Brandon you got it, respond to @flwfishing in a direct message with your address to ship the bait #flwchat

  50. How did you get into fishing tournaments? And any advice for people looking to get into the tournament scene? #FLWChat

  51. @LandonBatten best way to get into tournament fishing is the FLW co angler txs. That"s how me @jlufishing , @srmbass got our start #flwchat

  52. @FLWFishing @CaMartfishing Will there be another season of circuit breaker? if not, any film projects plans? @phaedrus_dh #flwchat

  53. @AlPaschkowiak @FLWFishing @phaedrus_dh Circuit Breaker season 2 is still up in the air...stay tuned should know something soon #flwchat

  54. @AlPaschkowiak @phaedrus_dh Also the final episode from this seasons Circuit Breaker at the FWC will be released tomorrow #flwchat

  55. @CaMartfishing @FLWFishing @phaedrus_dh all your die hard Canadian fans are definitely hoping for #CBS2 #flwchat

  56. @CaMartfishing Also when fishing new water, what baits would you defiantly have on your deck in the fall? #flwchat

  57. @gr20ray2020 spinnerbaits, flukes, arig, frog #flwchat

  58. @FLWFishing @CaMartfishing #FLWchat when can we get you back on Fishin" Outrageous Radio to talk about that MONSTER bag at Chick & the FWC?

  59. #FLWChat Gordon Holman is wondering What"s your favorite search Baits @CaMartfishing

  60. @FLWFishing Chatterbait and Rat-L-trap...especially if there is any grass around #flwchat

  61. One more bait question from Rene Valdez, What"s your favorite drop shot bait #FLWChat

  62. @FLWFishing would have to be a roboworm or Zman Jerk Shad #flwchat

  63. Shawn Bowen asks What percentage would you put on overall amount of time you SIT on A spot in tournaments vs running around. #FLWChat

  64. @FLWFishing that"s a good question if I think there are winning fish on a spot Ill sit on them on day #flwchat

  65. @CaMartfishing boxers or briefs #FLWChat

  66. @JSJbassfishing boxer briefs....why you wanna know is beyond me.... #flwchat

  67. THX @CaMartfishing 4 your time, exciting wk-season finale of Circuit Breaker out Fri, how do you feel with no cameras following you?#FLWChat

  68. @FLWFishing Definitely cant wait to see Episode 7 of Circuit Breaker gonna be a good one #flwchat

  69. .@CaMartfishing What"s the best thing that happened this year for you on Tour that the #CircuitBreaker crew missed? #flwchat

  70. JoeOpager @CaMartfishing not the best but most dramatic was when my co angler flew out of the boat.. or maybe the "walleye scene" #flwchat

  71. #FLWChat, @CaMartfishing Any more tournaments left this season?

  72. @FLWFishing hopefully going to be fishing BFL wildcard at the end of October trying to make the All American #flwchat

  73. @CaMartfishing thanks, and what lakes from Alabama are you familiar with. #FLWChat

  74. @FLWFishing is Casey Martin looking forward to coming to rayburn next year? #FLWChat

  75. JRoyalFishing @FLWFishing Ive only been once but it seems like a good lake with big fish so yes! #flwchat

  76. @FLWFishing its strange without any camera, its kinda lonely lol.not used to not having Stacy and Travis hound me with questions... #flwchat

  77. @Johnsonfishing you are the winner of @Zmanfishing baits, DM your address and I will send the bait. Thx for joining #FLWChat this morning.

  78. Thanks to all #FLWFishing fans & @CaMartfishing 4 joining us in this mornings Tweet Chat. Casey what will you being doing on Sunday?#FLWChat

  79. @FLWFishing Going to be watching @RandallTharp on NBC sports putting the hammer down at the Forrest Wood Cup #honeybadger #flwchat

  80. @FLWFishing Thanks for having me...It was fun catching up now that things have slowed down some #flwchat

  81. @CaMartfishing did you have someone that you could go to about fishing advice, problems, and kind of a what to do mentor? #flwchat

  82. @Johnsonfishing not really I think most of what I have learned was through the coangler program at FLW so it would be a lot of guys #flwchat

  83. .@CaMartfishing If Hollywood made a movie about your life, whom would you like to see play the lead role as you? #FLWChat

  84. @JoeOpager I would say Brett Carlson or Travis Wavescorx those 2 are stars in the making... #flwchat

  85. .@CaMartfishing Are the Habs for real this season? #flwchat #hockeytalk

  86. @BassFanNews The Habs are always for real...whether or not they succeed is another question...Did you see the T.O/Sabres Brawl? #flwchat

  87. .@CaMartfishing Did I see it? It"s all anyone has talked about for 3 days in town. First reg season mtg should be fun. #donnybrook #flwchat

  88. @CaMartfishing what kind of knot do you prefer to tie? #flwchat

  89. @MRamey98 I use palomar 80% of the time #flwchat

  90. @CaMartfishing what"s your favorite baits to throw in the summer when the bite is slow? #flwchat

  91. @MRamey98 I think to throw a big worm #flwchat

  92. #FLWChat, we r out, thx @CaMartfishing don"t forget to watch "FLW" on @nbc Sun, 2:30 pm ET, #ForrestWoodCup episode & Circuit Breaker Fri.!

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Canada Leads at Pan Am

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Pan Am Gets Underway in Canada

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