Cherokee Lake Fishing Derby

The FLW Tour anglers recently made their way to Cherokee Lake in Tennessee and found the fish biting when they arrived. As always with Costa FLW Series and FLW Tour tournaments, there was a special Unified Fishing Derby event held just for the younger anglers on Saturday before the weigh-in. 

From DMF night crawlers to crickets to big jigs, the kids brought out all the tricks to entice a Lake Cherokee lunker into biting.

Luckily, a bout of storms held off long enough for a few fish to be caught.

Some chose to try their luck around pea gravel, which is known for great smallmouth fishing, while others tried a little bit of dock-fishing.

Everyone had a great time getting out on the water and chasing their favorite species of fish. Be sure to check out the calendar of eventsto see when a fishing derby is coming close to your home lake.

Here are a few photos from the event:

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