The Fall Feed Bag

Cody Kelley

You are probably starting to notice a trend in these articles when we talk about fish being similar to humans and other animals in the way they behave. We use these comparisons because it helps anglers understand exactly what is going on under the water.

Before starting to talk about what fish do in the fall and winter, I think it’s important to know the difference in warm-blooded and cold-blooded animals. Warm-blooded animals are those that keep the same body temperature at all times. These include humans, dogs, cats and other mammals. Cold-blooded animals’ body temperatures change with the environmental temperature. These include fish and reptiles. In general, as the air or water temperature gets lower, cold-blooded animals move slower and are less active. As the temperature increases, they move more. These are general rules, but they will get us started.

You may have heard your favorite FLW pro talking about “the fall feedbag” and wondered what in the world they were talking about. Well, fish aren’t that much different than other animals that become less active in the winter. For comparison, let’s use the classic one: a bear that hibernates. Because fish become less active when the water is cooler, they need to take full advantage of all the food that is available in the shallows just before winter hits. This baitfish buffet will help give them a good start toward producing eggs and keeping healthy during the winter before the spawning time the next spring.

There is a ton of information out there that goes into further detail about exactly what is going on under the water, but in general just keep in mind that once the water begins to cool off in the fall – usually 55 to 70 degrees – there will be a TON of activity from fish looking to take advantage of all the small baitfish in the shallows. In previous articles, we talk about our favorite fall lures. Combine this knowledge and those lures to go out and trick some fish this coming fall.

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Tight lines and happy fishing everyone!

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