UPCOMING EVENT: Walmart Bass Fishing League - 2016 - Lake Okeechobee

Bohlke’s big bounce-back

Marty Bohlke Jr's whopping 23-pound, 3-ounce Day One limit positioned him well for the co-angler victory.

OSAGE BEACH, Mo. - For Marty Bohlke Jr., winning the American Fishing Series Central Division opener on Lake of the Ozarks was like an Oreo, only the sweet stuff was on the ends rather than in the middle. A resident of Nixa, Mo., Bohlke blasted to the top of the Co-angler Division on day one with a stunning limit of 23 pounds, 3 ounces - the event's heaviest bag in both divisions and the only one to break 20 pounds. His impressive catch from the back of the boat included a 7-pounder - the biggest bass of day one - and left Bohlke with a lead of more than 11 pounds. Bohlke stumbled on the second day and brought no fish to the scale. That allowed Michael Penix to takeSticking with a Megabass jerkbait proved effective for Marty Bohlke Jr. over the lead on day two. However, Bohlke's overwhelming day-one effort kept him in the hunt, and he entered the final round trailing by only an ounce. He only caught two fish on day three, but they were quality bass and his 6-13 bag gave him a three day total of 30 pounds and a winning margin of 4-4. He earned $8,930 for the win. A self-proclaimed jerkbait fanatic, Bohlke split his time between two models. "I used a Megabass (jerkbait) when the water was clear, and I used a (Smithwick) Rattlin' Rogue when the water was dirty." A late-season cold front that marched through the area Saturday morning brought windy, rainy weather with occasional snow flurries. Daytime temperatures never broke out of the upper 30s, and Bohlke noted that the weather limited the bites on day three. Nevertheless, he persevered and closed the deal. "I fished really hard, worked that jerkbait slow and made every fish count," Bohlke said. "I did drop a 6 1/2-pounder the first day, which I thought would cost me." Penix slips to second After leading the co-angler field on Day Two, Michael Penix slipped to second in the final round.Hailing from Lewisburg, Tenn., Penix resisted the jerkbait fever that infected most of the tournament field and stuck with his confidence bait - a green-pumpkin Zoom Baby Brush Hog Texas-rigged on a 3/0 hook. Casting and retrieving with a superslow cadence was the key for him. Unfortunately, day three did not deliver the opportunities he needed, and Penix weighed only a 2-pound, 8-ounce fish and finished with 25-12 worth $3,572. Penix started the tournament in fourth place with four fish weighing 11 pounds on day one. He overtook hisThird place finisher Rickey Alexander had the biggest bass of the co-angler division on Day Two. division's top spot on day two with another quartet, this one a 12-4 effort. Best of the rest Rickey Alexander of New Lenox, Ill., finished third with 22-5 worth $1,786. He had the biggest bass of the Co-angler Division on day two. In fourth place, Jeremy Huddleston of Jefferson City, Mo., had 22-3 and earned a check for $1,563, and Mark Horton of Nicholasville, Ky., was fifth with 20-14 worth $1,340. Rounding out the top 10 co-anglers at the FLW American Fishing Series Lake of the Ozarks event: 6th: Mike Williams of Cottage Hills, Ill., 19-2 7th: Mark Martin of Ozark, Mo., 18-4 8th: Jeffrey G. Risinger of Bridgeton, Mo., 16-14 9th: Jeff McCarnan of Henderson, Ky., 14-12 10th: Bruce Obrien of Normal, Ill., 14-5

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It’s Kline Time Again

The dominance continues for professional-surfer-turned-bass-angler Todd Kline, who won the 2015 Rayovac FLW Series Championship’s co-angler division on the Ohio River this week. READ MORE »


Hicks, Sims Tied for Co-angler Lead

After opening the tournament in 63rd place with two keepers for 2 pounds, 12 ounces, Kirk Sims of Lowell, Ark., rebounded on day two with four keepers that weighed 14 pounds, 3 ounces. And Buddy Hicks of Port Neches, Texas, was even more impressive, following up an opening-day zero with a 16-15 limit. READ MORE »


His Own Way

Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” might be too dramatic a description, but the message of a man’s commitment to individuality and doing things his way certainly fits Walmart FLW Tour pro Scott Martin. READ MORE »


Top 10 Patterns from Lake Erie

Most of the other top top-10 finishers found their fish over rocky bottom structure around the Pelee area. Drop-shots and crankbaits dominated the catches. READ MORE »


Matual Masters Erie

David Matual of Chicago, Ill., leaned on his spot hard and sacked up the biggest bag of day three weighing 22 pounds, 6 ounces. For his final-day rally he claimed the Rayovac FLW Series Northern Division victory on Lake Erie with a three-day total of 65 pounds, fending off Jared Rhode by a mere 7 ounces. Drop-shotting over shallow reefs delivered all of Matual’s fish and earned him a check worth more than $31,000. READ MORE »


Hicks Tops Co-angler Field on Erie

At 8:30 a.m., Justin Hicks turned to the camera boat following him and Jared Rhode – who split the day-two lead with Dave Lefebre – and said: “I sure would like to win this.” Eight hours later, the young man from Roanoke, Va., lifted the first place trophy at the final Rayovac FLW Series Northern Division event on Lake Erie. READ MORE »


Lake Erie Day 3 Midday Update

Lake Erie put on a different face for day three of the final Rayovac FLW Series Northern Division event. After a rough day one, yesterday’s calm and mostly sunny conditions offered comfortable running and fishing conditions. Today was still a far cry from the brutal waves of day one - and prior practice days - but windier conditions and overcast skies seemed to present a more challenging scenario. READ MORE »


Top 5 Patterns From Lake Erie Day 2

Pennsylvania pro Dave Lefebre and Ohio pro Jared Rhode tied for the day-two lead in Rayovac FLW Series Northern Division action on Lake Erie with 43 pounds, 9 ounces. Both pros caught their fish on drop-shots. Here are the details of the rest of the top five. READ MORE »


Lefebre, Rhode Tied at the Top

Notching his second day of 20-plus pounds, FLW Tour pro Dave Lefebre tallied 43 pounds, 9 ounces and tied day-one leader Jared Rhode for the day-two top spot at the Rayovac FLW Series Northern Division event on Lake Erie. Lefebre caught his 22-3 limit on Rapala DT-10 crankbaits, while Rhodes tempted his 19-15 catch with drop-shots. READ MORE »


Lake Erie Day 2 Midday Update

With winds shifting from yesterday’s northerly blow to a warmer southerly direction, day two of the Rayovac FLW Series Northern Division event on Lake Erie brought calmer conditions with greater ability to methodically work key spots. Offshore, waves ran 1 to 2 feet, with leeward areas behind the Lake Erie Islands nearly flat. READ MORE »


Rhode Cracks 23-10 for Erie Lead

Jared Rhode played his cards and the gamble paid off better than expected, as the pro from Port Clinton, Ohio, took the day-one lead at the Rayovac FLW Series Northern Division event on Lake Erie with a limit catch weighing 23 pounds, 10 ounces. READ MORE »


Top 5 Patterns from Lake Erie Day 1

Taking off this morning, the FLW Tour pro from Erie, Pa., knew the day’s north wind would keep him from making a long run to a big-fish spot close to his home. However, keeping it local and fishing a little past Pelee Island to the west delivered a solid second-place catch. READ MORE »


Hunting Erie’s Brown Fish

It’s going to be an Easter egg hunt on Lake Erie, but at least the great lake will behave a little better during the final Rayovac FLW Series Northern Division event than it did during practice. READ MORE »


Smallmouth Slugfest on Tap at Erie

Florida pro Glenn Browne leads the race with 492 points, largely due to his win at the previous divisional event on Lake Champlain. Following well within striking distance are Canadian pro Cory Johnston (484 points) and Louisianan Gerald Spohrer (483), who found his way into the Northern Division quite incidentally. READ MORE »


Sunny Skies at the Top

It was his first and the Forrest Wood Cup’s last. With the Cup going exclusively to professionals next year, Sunny Hawk, like the rest of the co-anglers, knew this was the last chance for someone to be crowned a co-angler Cup champion. While many made a run at the title – including three past co-angler champions – Hawk made the most of it, weighing in three fish for 6 pounds, 5 ounces on day two for a tournament total of 19-11 to claim his first career win. “For my first win to be at the Cup, I’m pretty pumped,” Hawk said while holding the $50,000 first-place check. READ MORE »


Sunny’s Day on the Back Deck

It’s almost as if Roy and Sunny Hawk switched bags. The father-son duo came to the Forrest Wood Cup with big aspirations – Roy on the pro side and Sunny as a co-angler. So when a Hawk weighed in a limit for 13 pounds, 6 ounces on day one, that was exactly what they hoped would happen, though they probably didn’t think it would be Sunny who did it from the back of the boat. READ MORE »


Top 10 Patterns from Lake Dardanelle

Jason Lieblong, who won the Rayovac FLW Series Central Division event on Lake Dardanelle, devoted most of his time to fishing reed lines with a mix of chatterbaits, frogs and Texas-rigged worms. He also caught fish by dragging a Texas-rigged 10-inch worm past brush piles in 6-8 feet. Lieblong amassed a three-day total of 46 pound, 3 ounces. READ MORE »


Lieblong Dominates Dardanelle Rayovac

Having lead the event for two days, the pro from Conway, Ark., carried a 14-ounce lead into the final round. After weighing a limit of 12 pounds, 2 ounces on day three, Lieblong closed the door with a tournament total of 46-3 and a 2-pound, 2-ounce margin of victory. READ MORE »


Smith Takes Co-Angler Title At Dardanelle



Dardanelle Midday Update Day 3