UPCOMING EVENT: Walmart Bass Fishing League - 2016 - Lake Okeechobee

Louisiana state bass records

The Louisiana state fish records are kept by the Louisiana Outdoor Writers Association. Of the three bass species accepted under Wal-Mart FLW tournament rules - largemouth, smallmouth and spotted - only largemouth and spotted bass are found in Louisiana.

The association converts all ounce weights into hundredths of a pound for uniformity.

* Update: A top-20 largemouth was caught in 2001 from Caney Lake. See number 18 below.

(Micropterus salmoides)

1) 15.97 - Greg Wiggins, Caney Lake, February 1994
2) 15.54 - Tommy Foster, Caney Lake, February 1993
3) 15.53 - Fred Kennedy, Caney Lake, October 1993
4) 15.42 - Bryan Smith, Caney Lake, March 1993
5) 15.38 - Thomas J. Robertson, Baton Rouge University Lake, June 1992
6) 15.33 - Johnny Harper, Caney Lake, July 1996
7) 15.31 - Ed Stellner, Lake D'Arbonne, February 2000
8) 15.15 - Chris Roberts, Caney Lake, February 1995
9) 15.05 - Brett Fontenot, Miller's Lake, March 1998
10) 14.87 - Keith Stokes, Caney Lake, May 1994
11) 14.83 - Dana Walker, Caney Lake, March 1993
12) 14.75 - Debbie Lee, Caney Lake, March 1995
13) 14.68 - Kraig Welborn, Toledo Bend Reservoir, March 1998
14) 14.58 - Louis Byrd, Caney Lake, April 1996
15) 14.57 - Michael Thrift, Caney Lake, September 1995
16) 14.55 - Sonny Watson, Caney Lake, March 1993
17) 14.48 - Kevin Watson, Caney Lake, March 1993
18) 14.39 - Kenneth Walker, Caney Lake, March 31, 2001 *
19) 14.34 - Tommy Goss, Caney Lake, May 1994
20) 14.31 - Brian Davis, Caney Lake, March 1992

(Micropterus punctulatus)

1) 4.88 - Vernon C. Johnson, Tickfaw Reservoir, August 1976
2) 4.50 - Jeff L. Pierre, December 1988
3) 4.38 - Jim Farr, February 1976
3) 4.38 - Dalton T. Fayard, April 1976
5) 4.25 - Ben M. Strange Jr., July 1976
6) 4.19 - Carroll Perkins, October 1939
7) 4.00 - Bill Varnado, March 1978
8) 3.94 - Charles J. Kennedy, May 1976
8) 3.94 - Pincus J. Granat Jr., March 1988
10) 3.88 - Jeff Hughes, November 1975

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